Dying Nation

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To a Dying Nation

If you have lost your eggs not hatched

and souls not away latched,

then you have a spirit that lives

like the faintest light of twilight.

If you have dreams as glamorous

as the colossal sky spread to chorus,

but without a wake, a work, a labour,

like the darkest hades, shall cease.

If you are preached to slumber

by the lethargic machinery and mercenary,

then you have to learn that death,

like the closed petals, will you shut.

If you will learn to be saved a thing,

have you do this: wake your faithful beings,

then you will revive a thousand and one

even if your death is a thousand.

You nation of milk and honey

now in need of honest cattle and bee,

should you not rise to your feet

and make cease your instant penury.

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